We live in a very busy, cluttered and unbalanced world and many of us can't even identify the areas of our life that need attention let alone balance them! It's very easy to get into this state. We typically go through similar routines every day: wake up, eat, work, eat, sleep...do over. If you don't find the time to at least think about the many varying aspects of your life, it's incredibly easy to simply lose balance.

Here are 13 quick points for you, they are purposely short and lack detail, think about them (there's plenty more info avalable if you want it). When was the last time you made a conscious effort to improve in any of these areas? Use these to help get balance in your life.

Your Spending
Are you spending too much, most people seem to! Take a good look at your monthly incomings and outgoings and make savings where you can. But, don’t be so cheap that you're cutting out birthday gifts or being rude at occasions. Remember, you can't take your money with you!
Your Time

This isn't always easy and even the best of us work too much and don’t take enough time out. Unfortunately your time is a limited resource so seek balance!
Your Diet

No breakfast and a big dinner, that’s the way a lot of us seem to eat (me included) and yet the opposite is usually a lot better for you! A big Breakfast and small dinner tends to be a better balance for most of us, or little and often throughout the day.
Your Cheque book

Little deliberate actions really make a difference when it comes to mastering your personal finances. Look after the pennies and the ounds will look after themselves.
Your Children

Trying to make sure that your children are balanced people is surely one of the most impoprtant things you can do in your life. Make sure that they give and take, that they study and enjoy, that they read as well as watching TV (there's lots of good informative stuff on TV, just filter out some of the dross!).
Your Meals

Too many carbs and not enough healthy fats (yes some are healthy and some fat is neede by the body), or too much fat and not enough carbs. There is really nothing wrong with a little junk food once in a while, but there is definitely something wrong with junk food all the time.
Your Net Worth

This is your balance sheet: Your assets – Your Liabilities = Your Net Worth. This is an accounting formula which always balances out, but it should be calculated from time to time. Ideally, you'd see an increase in your net worth each year.
Your Relationships

Do your friends drain you? Do you drain them? Good friendships are balanced, thought provoking, informative, enjoyable, with give and take and a little challenging.
The Tyres on your Car!

Why this one? Well it can save you thousands of pounds in fuel over the course of your life and at the same time make you a lot safer too - remember when you have to brake hard in the wet, the quality, performance and state of your tyres WILL make a difference!
Your Goals

Don't make them too hard or impossible, but ensure that they are challenging enough to excite and to stretch you.
Education and Action

Too much action without education and knowledge can lead to major mistakes and pitfalls. Not enough action on things we learn can wastes our education and knowledge. You either use it, or lose it, when it comes to education and knowledge.
Positives and Negatives

Too much positive feedback can kill us, we need some negative feedback too (in a constructive way of course, constructive criticism helps us improve). If you are not getting any negative feedback, ask more people to critique your work.
Your Portfolio

A balance between stocks and bonds (risk and safety), and then rebalancing as you age is essential to meeting your life long financial goals.

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    Happened upon your blog randomly. You've got some interesting things here. Greetings from Canada.

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