For the last couple of weeks the weather in Dorset has been fantastic and it's remarkable to think that little more than 9 days before thie period I was virtually stuck in the snow on my drive to work! Well now we have seen temperatures as high as 15 deg C, perfectly clear blue skies and it's been really quite warm for the time of year in Dorset. Although for the last 3 or 4 days the temperatures have taken a bit of a tumble and a cold wind is certainly more noticeable.

Below freezing temperatures in the morning with frost on the grass rising throughout the day to give glorious afternoons with a positively summer feel to them and then as dusk comes along the temperatures drop rapidly.
During the day, whilst in the sun it's like a summers day, the rural Dorset countryside is changing, the daffodils are out, fields are being ploughed and seed sown.

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