Too busy, too rushed or simply too stressed to even think about how you could go about adding a positive spin to your life? Of course it all takes so much time: read a book, make a list, talk to this person, etc. If you do have the time, do you have the energy and determination?
It's tough. Sometimes, too tough.As I tried to clear my head during a walk recently, something occurred to me. Things often change due to short bursts of action that last 30 seconds or less. Think about it, think of how potent and life changing a mere thirty seconds could be.

Experience Your Life Differently
The more I thought about it, I began to really notice and feel how long thirty seconds was. Try it. Do nothing but focus only on your breath (nothing else) for a whole thirty seconds (a greta stress easer this one). You'll soon realize that thirty seconds is indeed a reasonable and worthy amount of time that can be used purposefully. Begin to explore all the things you can do with such a seemingly small moment of time. Use it wisely to make small contributions towards new habits and towards stopping wasteful ones. Imagine, gradually, thirty seconds, by thirty seconds, you will be able to experience your life differently without even really trying.

Grow Your 30 Second Muscle
All, you need to do is hold your focus on a something positive for a whole thirty seconds (without getting distracted), and follow through with thirty seconds of positive action. Voila! In under a minute you've made a positive and valuable change to the flow of your life.
I'm sure you can find thirty seconds somewhere in your day, or better still, (and think here about the value to you - find that time!) once every hour to make small, yet frequent positive changes to your life.

Here are some ideas.; you may consider some useful, some not. The point is that major change doesn't always have to take major effort or major amounts of time.

Start a 30 second savings habit
All it takes is 30 seconds to grab some cash and to put a coin, some change or a note into a daily savings jar. I have a little pink pig which I feed happily each day in under 30 seconds.

Reduce your electricity bill
30 seconds is all it takes to walk over to the wall, bend down and turn all your electrical appliances off at the wall that are not being used. After one month, my kids are now experts at this new money saving habit.

Lose the frown
All it takes is less than 30 seconds to turn a frown into a smile. A smile literally relaxes hundreds of muscles and releases pockets of stress and tension held in your face. Feel your face now for any unnecessary squinting, frowning, or tight muscles. And think about how much this can help others, smiles are infectious!

Start a 30 second clutter clearing session
Walk to a cluttered draw/cupboard or your desk and spend a huge thirty seconds grabbing one thing that you no longer need and throw it out. No fuss and no stress. Allow thirty seconds each day to clear at least one thing from your chosen place. The beauty of 30 seconds is that you haven't got any time to have a discussion or argument with yourself. If in doubt, throw it out.

Take a chill pill
How often do you hold your breath and suck in the stress. Spend longer on your exhale to support your body in releasing built up stress and tension. Ten seconds on the inhale and twenty seconds on the exhale is a good formula for inviting space into your body and creating distance between you and your worries.

Get unstuck
Always keep a copy of your favorite inspirational book or a list of your favourite inspiration quotes or readings close by. Open it randomly and read a few paragraphs to bring insight, to your current situation. I often pick up a book when my mind is going around in circles to regroup/refocus an unproductive mind. Perhaps use some of the pages from this blog?

Repeat a mantra
When confusion hits, step back, take a breather, and spend a valuable thirty seconds calming those erratic thoughts with a sanity saving mantra. One favorite is "I trust" and it allows people to "let go" and relax into the situation.

The 30 second detox
Did you know that 70% of waste is eliminated via your lungs? Improve the efficiency of your lungs by breathing deeply into your lower abdomen. Place your hands on your belly and feel it rise and fall with each breath cycle. A thirty second detox every hour will do wonders for your health (and of course your stress levels).

Stay hydrated
Your brain needs water to think clearly. It's the first place in the body to lose water. Get into the habit of sipping on water for thirty seconds every hour.

Do nothing for 30 seconds
Put some space between you and your hectic schedule. Treat yourself to regular 30 second breaks and give your body an opportunity to re-balance itself. Close your eyes, cup the palm of your hands over your ears and listen to the blissful sounds of the ocean playing inside your head.

Get rid of negative thoughts
Each time you catch yourself complaining or thinking negatively, spend thirty seconds focusing on the opposite and increase your ratio between helpful and unhelpful thoughts.

Take a 30 second exercise break
Stand up, roll your shoulders, stretch or try some wall push ups. Better still keep two cans of food beside your computer. When reading an article, grab a can in each hand and lift up to your shoulders and back down again, repeat as if lifting weights.

Adjust the speed of your day
Take some time out and notice if your mind is racing, your breathing shallow or your body feels rushed and uptight. Simply by taking thirty seconds to observe your body, you can slow down your thoughts, your breath and the speed of your day.
You might even realize that your body is hungry, thirsty or simply needs some fresh air.

Turn off the TV
Value your time. All it takes is 30 seconds to get up off your seat and turn the TV off. Then do something meaningful instead like talk to your family, read a book or connect to nature by taking a walk.

Eat mindfully
Take thirty seconds before you eat your meal to make sure you are settled, present and ready to smell, taste, eat and enjoy your food consciously. Breathe in "I am calm" Breathe out "I smile" Repeat five times.

Take a break at work
Perhaps every couple of hours why not put aside a whole 30 seconds or so to do nothing, to breathe, to relax and perhaps to stretch - before going back to work perhaps a little rejuvinated.

Try it today
Take 30 seconds to breathe, smile, stretch and cancel some negative thoughts and see how much better things are - all for the sake of 30 seconds! Amazing!

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  • Anonymous on 25 April 2009 at 14:10

    Interesting. Looks like you copied this entire article too. 89% of this article was pure copy and paste...


    Mark Macdonald on 29 April 2009 at 09:18

    Like many others I use existing data available in the public domain to which I add my own thoughts and ideas - it is not pure replication.

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