Where I live, Charlton Down

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Charlton Down

Charlton Down is just North of the old Roman and County town of Dorchester in Dorset. It's a 'new' village development on the site of an old Victorian mental institution, Herrison Hospital.

The development began around 1998, initially two of the old main buildings, Redwood and Greenwood house were converted into flats and appartments, Herrision House followed and around 350 or so houses were built on the land. There are now around 1,400 residents.

The view below shows the site soon after the development started, the two main houses can be clearly seen and Herrision House is to the left, surrounded by trees.

On this close up view you can see that some of the new houses have already been built (shown top right in the photo). Also clear is the cricket pitch at the bottom of the photo.

Now completely finished there is a shop, a wonderful village hall, Cricket pitch and pavillion, a gym and health spa and there is soon to be a Pub (finally!)

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