Procrastination is so wasteful, it adds to individuals stress and worries and grinds away inside, gradually wearing you down...
Procrastination seems to be so very common and almost a natural thing that many people do on a regular basis without even trying! To be good at it there’s nothing you have to learn and of course nothing to do (quite literally!). But it does take discipline to overcome it.
Here are 3 very usable, simple and easy to remember tips that if you apply should help you to overcome procrastination and get things done!

1) Clarity
You need to be clear on what needs to be done, how and when and perhaps how long it will take you to do it. Think things through properly, most things probably seem much worse than they actually are and when you actually get on with them can get them done quite quickly.
So don’t add things that you don’t fully understand to your to do list….. if you don’t fully understand and are not clear on what needs to be done, when and how then you’ll always put it off.

2) Give 15 minutes
Every task you’re working on needs to get at least 15 minutes of your full attention. If you’re not sure how long it will take in addition to these 15 minutes - that’s fine. But first, spend 15 minutes honestly trying your best working on the task.
This rule is particularly useful for tasks you’re not interested in or not keen on doing. They’re usually the ones which you know you have to do, but you don’t really want to. So spend 15 minutes working on such a task, and get rid of all the interruptions and distractions under your control. 15 minutes of really focused effort will get you under way and the chances are that you’ll then be motivated enough to continue…

3) Do one more thing
Whenever you start thinking to yourself that you’ve had enough with the task and it’s time to drop it and move on to something else, then do one more thing towards it’s completion - and then move on.
Quite often we feel fed up with tasks to the point that we struggle to get things done. We just want to leave them and walk away. Of course we’ll have to get back to them to finish, but it’s easier just to walk away.
The problem is in your mind this then just goes round and round adding to the pressure and stress and leaving you wasting time stressing over it. Consequently the more things you leave unfinished, the slower you’ll be able to get things done. So concentrate on finishing things, this frees up your thinking power for working on your new things.

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